Welcoming WP Ninjas as a permanent sponsor

WP Ninjas, the great folks behind the popular Ninja Forms plugin, have shown a true level of generosity and come on as a permanent sponsor of Apply Filters.Kevin and James are doing some truly wonderful things with their business and the plugins being developed as a part of it. If you are not familiar with Ninja Forms, or the other work of the WP Ninjas, definitely check go check them out at their website.

What exactly does a permanent sponsorship mean? Well, it means that WP Ninjas are contributing funds every single month to help us cover the costs of production, as well as other costs involved with the podcast.

One of the first things their sponsorship funds are getting put towards is the production of transcripts for every single episode of Apply Filters. From here on out, not only will you be able to listen to Apply Filters on the website and on iTunes, but you will also be able to read complete transcripts of the episode if you wish.

Brad and I are extremely thankful for their sponsorship and everything thing the WP Ninjas have done, and continue to do, for the WordPress community.