Apply Filters 48: Managing Custom Tables

This week Brad and Pippin dive into the topic of managing custom tables in WordPress. This is a powerful tool to help extend the capabilities of core WordPress.

Episode 46 – James Laws, co-founder of WP Ninjas

Today we welcome co-founder of the WP Ninjas James Laws to the show. James originally appeared in Episode 13 of the podcast and today, almost a year and a half later, a lot has changed at WP Ninjas. We dig into how he and his co-founder Kevin Stover have scaled the business, what they’ve learned along the way, and what the future holds of the WP Ninjas team.

Episode 45 – Updates on our Projects, and Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics

In this episode Pippin and I are catching up on our projects, and diving in to the topic of campaign tracking with Google Analytics. I have been working on some updates to WP Offload S3, including a lot of work around testing and how we’re approaching it specifically. I’ve also been doing screencasts for WP Offload S3. Pippin has brought on some help to bring in an update for Affiliate WP, working on an update to Paypal Pro Payouts, and working on a fraud monitor for EDD.

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